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The Art of Body Waxing

About The Art of Body Waxing
Hi, my name is Mary Belcourt, my clients know me as Mary Wax. I have been waxing for over 10 years. I am committed to giving my best and professional service to you. What sets me apart from similar businesses is that I make myself available to provide my service on location and in the comfort and convenience of your home.

The Art of Body Waxing is family-owned and operated right here in New Milford, CT. Since our Business opened, we've treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other Businesses may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.  over

Our promise to you..
To provide a professional, yet homely, style
of hospitality that makes all guests, 
whether leisure, or travelers,
 feel safe, welcome and happy to be here.
A warm welcome, a smile and a pleasant attitude
can turn strangers into friends.